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What do you do with all these empty bottles???

I've heard a few good ideas of what to do with empty essential oil bottles but I had yet to try any. I've just been stockpiling my bottles. I had heard of people opening up the bottles and putting them in a jar of Epsom salt, covering the jar for at least a few days then taking a great bath. Some people make their own blends in the empty bottles and put a fitment roller on the top. Seems like a great way to recycle the bottle. But I decided to try the 3rd great idea I had heard.

I took apart my empty bottles and threw them in a jar with water. I covered the jar for 3 days and after I removed all the pieces I was left with amazing diffuser water! What a great way to extend your oils! I did 1 jar of Thieves, 1 jar of Lavender and 1 jar of Cedarwood. I tried the water in the diffuser for bedtime last night and it worked great. #oilsforthewin

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