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OOS - "Out of Stock"

Today we have an awesome guest post by the amazing Hillary Lefebvre!

We were just given this email from Young Living, which validates a thousand times over why we LOVE working with a company who has supply issues.

"Bringing back out-of-stock items is as important to us as it is to you. Certain products have recently gone out of stock due to unforeseen supply conditions, which we are working hard to address. As a close partner with nature, we face unique constraints that other essential oil companies may not. The availability of botanicals we use changes with climate, environmental impact, and other factors, making it difficult to predict when supply issues may arise. This is one eventuality that we have chosen to accept as the World Leader in Essential Oils.

While an easy solution to these challenges would be to use the diluted, synthetic, or lower-quality oils that are so widely available, we are instead applying the unique care that our Seed to Seal commitment exemplifies. As part of this effort, some of these blends will be reformulated to both preserve the superior quality of the oils and the intent of the blends. Gary is personally overseeing their development to ensure that they follow our Seed to Seal standards while crafting them to continue to be targeted, balanced, powerful, and ideal for your family.

Additionally, we are constantly researching and discovering new and more resilient farming and distillation methods that allow us to protect and increase crop yields. This two-pronged approach will help us to sustainably avoid similar supply issues in the future.

While these solutions may take some time, we’re hard at work to make affected products available as soon as possible—with some reformulations likely launching within the next week. We will continue to release updates as they become available, which we encourage you to share with your team. We deeply appreciate your leadership and patience while we address this rare supply issue."

No corner cutting. No mixing the product with synthetics to get it out sooner and make more money. Young Living loses $ having things out of stock, but it's worth it because they can stand by a superior product.

If an 'essential oil' company's products are always in stock, that's a mighty big red flag.

Thanks, YL!

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