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Savvy Starter Kits Available now!

I have been using Young Living's Savvy Minerals makeup since June and it's exceptional. A lot of times there are things that you have to sacrifice when giving up store bought toxic beauty products. Not here. This line has none of the nasty and all of the high end goodness. I can feel good about introducing my daughters to a line of makeup that will not threaten their future.

This month YL has introduced Savvy Starter Kits. There are 4 different kits to match the color of your skin. They have taken out the guess work for you trying to figure out which products to start with and what colors to get. These kits are available to current members by purchasing as a Quick Order and they are also available for those hoping to become a YL member to benefit from the 24% wholesale discount. For those of you who are not yet members, you can click HERE to purchase a Savvy Starter Kit.

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